Celmec Heating, Misting & Lighting

HeatRay heating, CelmistEvaporative Cooling and Celight™ lighting systems by Celmec International can be factory-fitted or installed on site to keep hospitality customers warm and the occasion bright, regardless of the season. We can also offer misting solutions which you can see in action in this video

Planter Boxes and Seating Blocks

Planter boxes are an ideal solution for those sites that are unable to fix umbrellas directly to the ground. They require no ground fixes and can easily be moved. They also come as a seating block option that can maximise your covered seating area.  


MakMax can provide LED bars that are mounted to the umbrella arms and offer multi-coloured lighting at the touch of a button. Alternatively, LED spotlights mounted to the umbrella pole are just as effective but a simpler option. Do you have your own lighting in mind? Let us know and out team will find a solution for you. 


Control water run-off by utilising one of our internal or perimeter gutter options.


Provide extra protection for your covered area by using blinds or side curtains. We have many options including clear, tinted or a perforated colour PVC for rain and weather protection. Whatever solution you choose will give your project a more unique look while encouraging air flow to ensure your customer's comfort.

New Skins

Do your existing umbrellas require an upgrade? We can manufacture and replace your existing canopies and you can take this opportunity to change your colour, branding or printing options. 


Erection Kits

A must have for general use / opening & closing of your collapsible umbrella. Please speak to our umbrella specialist for what erection kit is appropriate for your umbrella model.

Umbrella Replacement Parts

Whatever replacement parts you need, our spare parts inventory incorporates small and large items including replacement bolts, cables, umbrella arms or columns. Just contact us with your needs and we will suggest the best solution for you. 

Fixing Options

We have a variety of options for you to consider when it comes to deciding how to fix your umbrella in place. We can discuss with you the best option for your site including in-ground sockets (which suits hard or soft surfaces) to flush mount anchor bolts. We can also design a deck bracket to suit your requirements.

We believe in a limitless possibilities culture. If there is an accessory that you can't find, please let us know and we will do our best to source it for you and if we can't, we can always provide alternative options.