Fabric Options

We have a variety of fabric options to suit your needs. Select from:                

  • PVC (standard, perforated, mesh, blockout, or TiO2)
  • PTFE (Modular only)
  • Canvas

Fabric Colours

Stand out with a splash of colour! Coloured umbrellas add personality, enhance your branding and brighten up any area. Perfect for theme parks, resorts, cafes/bars and childcare centres. Please click below to see our colour ranges. 

Patterns & Prints

Yes, we print on fabric! Patterns and prints are an easy way to really stand out. Get the creative juices flowing and add a bit of character to your design. For the best effect, we can recommend an interior designer and can work together with your designer to bring your vision to life. 


Stand out and be recognised with our specialised branding options. MakMax are the experts at umbrella branding and offer vinyl cut logos as well as digital printing. Speak with our umbrella specialist, Alex, to explore what we can achieve together.


Steel Options

Choose standard or stainless steel and even add colour! Click below for our steel colour options. We can also match any Dulux powder coat colour. Contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Height Adjustments

This is a popular option for our customers. Every project is different and we can adjust the height of the umbrellas to meet your project specifications. 

Fabric Linking

Join multiple umbrellas with a link infill system between canopies with options for an Arched or Channel design. Why not choose different colours, branding or clear panels for your infills to make your product stand out from the rest?

Contour Edge

With their sleek look, contour canopy edges suggest a feeling of 'lightness' and streamlines the overall design of the structures. Contour canopy edge detail is standard to all MakMax modular systems as well as Quasar and St Tropez models.  

Linear Edge 

Linear edge canopy detail is available for Monaco and Pavilion models only and is suited to more specialised projects where side blinds and/or rainwater gutters are to be fitted. Perfect for cafes/restaurants, the linear edge means more coverage, more tables, and therefore more profit. 

Leva Options

  • Swivel/Rotating: allows full 360 degree rotation for convenient, dynamic coverage
  • Double Boom: offers the convenience of multiple canopies from one column 
  • Offset or Diagonal Boom: customise the position of your column/canopy to suit your specific requirements

Wind Rating Upgrade

Increase the wind rating of your umbrella by upgrading your collapsible umbrella (Centra) or opt for a Modular design that stays open all year round. Sock covers are also an additional option for extra security and protection.

Fabric Cutouts

Fabric cutouts are a handy modification when existing posts/trees are within your desired area of cover. 

Modular Specific

With our modular range, we have a variety of specific customisation options. Modify the size and shape of your structure (rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal etc), add gutters to control water run-off or have a continuous canopy with no gaps/joiners between. Please contact us for more options.

Porta 05.jpg

Non-Standard Sizes

We can manufacture different sized umbrellas which do not appear on our standard list. Let us know what size area you need covered and we can advise the structure best suited to your requirements.


We believe in a limitless possibilities culture and are open to customisation upon request. Our team are excited by the challenge of creating non-standard umbrella sizes, shapes and other weird and wonderful ideas. Share your vision with us and together we can craft something new and exciting to make your business stand out.