The Leva (cantilever column, collapsible) range of MakMax Umbrellas are also available in square, rectangular, truncated square, octagonal and hexagonal canopy shapes with models ranging between 5.8-24.7sqm.  Designed to Vdes 40.5m/s (145.8km/hr) wind rating as standard, the cantilevered pole allows for unimpeded use underneath the umbrella canopy. It allows for maximum use of the area underneath the umbrella and can also be wall mounted. The Leva also comes with a swivel option and double boom option. Popular customisations include height adjustments and steel colouring along with our most popular accessories including lighting. 



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Column: Cantilever Column
Area of Cover: 5.8sqm – 24.7sqm
Shapes: S, R, TS, O, H
Height: 43m - 34.9m
Wind Rating: 145km/h
Fabric Options: PVC, PVC Mesh
Collapsible: Yes               

Linking: Yes

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