The Quasar (centre, perimeter or cantilever column, non-collapsible) is modular in design, square or rectangular in plan, "Hypar" shaped and customisable to any size. They can be designed with linear (straight) edges and gutters can also be attached. Multiple units can be linked together to form one continuous membrane. Designed to Vdes 40.5m/s (145.8km/hr) as standard, optional upgrades to any wind speed required can be applied. All Quasar models include galvanised steel cables with stainless steel fittings, UV stabilised membrane, and are delivered to site in component form. 



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Column: Centre, Perimeter or Cantilever Column 
Area of Cover: Any 
S, R
Height: 36.4m - 66.5m
Wind Rating: Designed for any wind speed
Fabric Options: PVC, PTFE
Collapsible: No               

Linking:  Yes 


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