The St Tropez (centre column, non-collapsible) is modular in design, square in plan and of an inverted conical shape and is our most eco-friendly product. This inverted cone directs rain water into a neatly designed hopper beneath the canopy which redirects water into the column. The column is connected to an underground storm water pipe or water storage unit.  They are customisable to any size or shape and are designed to any wind speed. Multiple units can be linked together as one continuous membrane. They are iconic structures and popular for businesses wishing to stand out from the crowd. The St Tropez is very popular for cafes, bars, restaurants, theme parks, resorts and also sporting venues. Additionally, becoming more eco-friendly will benefit both the environment and your business as consumers increasingly want to support green businesses. 



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Column: Centre Column
Area of Cover: Any
Shapes: S, R
Height: 44.5
m - 62.2m
Wind Rating: Designed for any windspeed
Fabric Options: PVC, PTFE
Collapsible: No             

Linking:  Yes 


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